Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011

Here are a couple of pictures of the kiddo and I at the doctor's office. The first one is J's favorite and the 2nd is my favorite, so you get a double dose today. The doctor's office has been really busy, so it's actually 1 month past his birthday, but it's all good. The visit itself went great, his measurements are: 32 inches long (95th percentile), 24.5 lbs (70th percentile) and his head circumference was 19.5 inches (93rd percentile). His development milestones are all great and doctor said he's healthy as a horse. I was expecting a blood draw, since I knew it was their policy to do a blood panel at 1 year, but their lab was closed. So now we have to go back for that, which sucks. He had 4 shots and the first thing I asked was how do you give a MOBILE kid shots? It was so much easier when he was a little meatloaf that just laid there. It wasn't terrible - more traumatizing for me, I'm sure. The minute I picked him up he stopped crying and I gave him a cookie, which of course made it all better.

When they do his blood panel, they are also going to test the severity of this egg allergy we've noticed recently. The doctor doesn't think it's a huge issue since it's only shown up as a mild breakout, but he just wants to be safe. In the meantime, no eggs for the monkey.

He's been awesome the last few days, sleeping in, being super adorable and eating like a champ. We have one more week until he starts parttime daycare - I need to get some supplies this weekend to get ready for that. I need to think about what to pack for his lunches, get an extra box of diapers and wipes. I think he's going to have a lot of fun there, but I have to say that I am NOT looking forward to it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I wrote a blog post. In my defense, it's been a very hectic 2 weeks. I've been working on a ridiculously crazy project at work, the kiddo has been sick and so we all lost a little sleep the last couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of pictures we've taken - there are some others, but he looks pretty pitiful in those. He came down with a pretty nasty cold last week and between the snot, losing sleep, and feeling crappy, he was not a happy camper. Most of the snot is gone and he's definitely feeling a lot better. He was still a little whiny and clingy this week, but it's getting better. I think he's gone through a little growth spurt and we've upped his calories a little, which seem to really be helping. He's sleeping through the night again and we can tell the rest has done him good.

He's been cracking us up lately with his dancing and his facial expressions. He's the funniest little dude, alays hamming it up and putting on little shows for us. He and I have a lot of fun on our little weekend outings together. He likes to entertain wherever he goes, so we make a lot of friends at the grocery store, restaurants, etc. All three of us have tried to get in the habit of doing something all together on the weekends - usually it's hitting up Elevation Burger on Sunday nights. Kids eat free! Gage likes their grilled cheese and J and I love their burgers, so it's a win win.

J and I signed him up for a couple of days of daycare starting on 8/31. He'll be going on Wednesdays and Thursdays to a nice day school we really like. His 1 year check up is next week, so I'll have to get all of his records together and then he'll be ready to go. Neither of us is ready for it, but we know he'll have fun and enjoy it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

There has been a lot going on with Gage over the last couple of weeks. I've been trying to keep track so I could write one big blog post - here's hoping I hit everything.

- He got two molars this week...at the same time. I've known for about 2 weeks that teeth were coming. Between the intermittent crankiness, ear tugging and low grade fever, it was just inevitable. I checked his gums every night and then boom, overnight - 2 lowers!
- Walking is pretty much his chosen mode of transportation these days and he's pretty damn good at it. He's even starting to run away from us a little. Tonight I as walking down the hall to get him and he started squealing and motoring the other way. He was cracking himself up.
- He's also doing a lot of DANCING these days. It is SO damn funny (and cute). All of a sudden he's dancing and swaying to all of his musical toys and even if we sing to him (just any little melody), he'll sway and shimmy. It cracks both of us up.
- Talking is still pretty steady, but over the last week we've noticed that he'll mimic us more often. If I say something, he'll jabber back mimicing my tone and inflection. So even though there aren't real words, it sounds just like whatever we said. He's definitely trying to communicate with us, so we just talk back to him. He has started to talk to people on the phone - if J puts me on speaker and I talk to him, he'll respond to me with jabber. It's a fun little addition to my day.
- We have fully transitioned to both whole milk (no more formula, yay!) and sippy cups. I packed all of the bottles up last weekend. He's been doing milk during the day for a month now, but I would still give him bottles of formula if he woke up in the middle of the night - because it worked to get him back to sleep. Over the last week that changed because he 1) started sleeping through the night more often 2) I just bit the bullet and didn't take a bottle in there when he did wake up. So he has had a couple of wake up sessions - usually just one a night between 3-5a and I will just go in there and rock him for a minute and he'll go back to sleep. I've also gotten better about waiting until he's really awake/upset before running in there. There have been times when I thought he was really going to go nuts and I waited a minute and he went right back to sleep. He and I are getting it down, finally.
- He's also eating more table food. It's getting to where J and I can't eat in front of him unless we are ok with giving him food off of our plates. There are some meals I make that are a little too spicy for him, so we are still doing some jarred food, but he's eating more and more from our plates and from what I cook. We took him out to eat with us last weekend and I ordered him an applesauce side, then fed him some of my chicken and potato as well. He loved it.

A friend of mine that came to his birthday party warned me to look out because the personality would start getting bigger and bigger from that point on and she was right. It was like he started walking, turned 1 and now he's his own little person almost overnight. J and I are always commenting on how he looks like a little boy now, where did our little baby go? I will say that he's so much fun though. He goes out with us a lot - the grocery store, restaurants, people visits - and he's just great company. We all tumble around the house together and act silly, he has us laughing all of the time. We've decided that he's just the best kid ever.