Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18, 2011

Here are a few pictures of the kiddo from this weekend. The first one is during a very interesting lunch conversation we were having, the second is a picture of his new BIG smile face at WalMart and the last two are a moving photo session before bedtime. He just walked back and forth in front of me while I took pics.

Not much new to report during this little post. Little man is a dancing machine, he will bop and shake to any old song - his favorite are the songs J makes up and sings for him. He spent a few hours with me at work on Friday and he had a great time running in and out of everyone's cubicles and charming people. He's eating more and more non-jarred food, which makes things so much easier when we go out to eat. He LOVES him some bananas. The talking is still pretty much nonstop and now he's added a lot of gestures - hands up with a shrug, palm out to prove a point. It cracks me up. We are putting shoes on him more often when we go out and I have to say that he's so cute in his sneakers - he looks so grown up. Daycare is still going well. We've had a little crying when J drops him off, but as soon as he's out the door it's fine. He seems to have a lot of fun there and he's less cranky when he gets home now. I think he's getting used to the schedule. Other than that, we are just crusing along - sleeping through the night, smiling all the time. I'm pretty sure there are some new teeth coming, but nothing just yet.

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