Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who is this little boy?

Can someone tell me who this little boy is? Where did my chunky little baby go? 

We are full swing into communication territory - this dude talks nonstop! He's constantly surprising us with things he knows. Example: I was telling him about our upcoming vacation to the beach and he said "are we going to make sandcastles?!" How does he know about sandcastles? Maybe the TV watching he does isn't so bad. Ha ha!  He also asks a lot of questions about things - what's that? Where are we going?  What does that mean? The other day I said "almost" and he asked me to tell him what that meant. Since then he's been using that word and then following up with the definition I gave him.  As in "I almost got it Mama, that means got close."

This weekend he really wanted to help with cleaning, so I showed him how to do a few things. He really like folding clothes and putting them away. 

These days we learn or teach something new every day and/or crack up at something he's said. It's a really awesome and fun time in his development.

It has its challenges though - he repeats EVERYTHING, not just words but tone and attitude. There's a lot of pushback and "no!" when we ask him to do something and he definitely doesn't understand the concept of patience just yet.  

He's a pretty cool little dude though and my favorite little buddy. We'll have some beach pictures in a couple of weeks - he's so excited about that trip and his upcoming birthday party in July.

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