Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is here...

I was off today, so we made some plans with GiGi to go and check out the Blase Family Farm in Rockwall. Of course we started the day with homemade pumpkin pancakes to get in the mood. Gage loves him some "ca-cakes". We got to the farm around 11a and stayed for about an hour. We got to feed and pet goats, cows and a sheep. Monkey kept running over to the cows and yelling "moo!" Trying to communicate with them in their own language, of course. The area is pretty heavily wooded with a little valley that was more treacherous, so of course that's where Gage wanted to go. We did a lot of redirecting and he caught on to us pretty quickly. After running through the pumpkins, feeding the animals an picking up every stick he could find, we jumped on the hay ride. We were worried he'd get bored, but by then he was slowing down and he really liked the tractor, so it was great. He got to pick out his own pumpkin to bring home and then we all stopped for a little lunch together. Monkey and I both ended up taking a 3 hour nap. Now THAT'S how you spend a nice, crisp fall day.

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