Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

This is almost the only way I can get a picture of the kiddo's face these days. If I turn the camera around so that he can see his face, he's all about it - otherwise, he's too busy to smile at the camera.

I'm pretty sure that he's getting in his last two top incisors. I can see the white and they are taking FOREVER to break through. He's pretty much fine during the day, but they give him some trouble at night. After those, I think there is just one more bottom set before there's nothing but molars left. Eek. I'm a little scared of the molars.

Still not fully walking, I'm certain he decide to do it the day AFTER his birthday. Oh well, the way he's been tearing it up lately, we should probably do what we can to DISCOURAGE him from getting more mobile. He was in a good mood tonight when I got home. He had a little dinner, took his bath and then went to bed pretty early. He hasn't been sleeping great - back to 2 wake-ups a night. We have been weaning him off of the formula and getting him into whole milk. He doesn't notice a big difference other than it's cold. He's been eating more and more table food, sharing from our plates and drinking from our cups. He's just getting so big. Everyday it seems like he looks different, getting bigger and more grown up.

This weekend we are going out to Bob Jones Nature Preserve to take 1 year photos of the Monkey. We are all going this time I think, so hopefully we'll get a couple of pics of all of us. There are not a lot of pictures of all 3 of us, so I'm excited.

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