Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

See what happens when you let your kid's hair air dry and the A/C is turned up full blast. That little whisp dried completely standing up - hilarious. This morning I overslept so the kiddo actually got up while I was still home and...he said "Mama"! It was so strange - all of a sudden he just had full ability to crank out the "m" sounds. J said he was saying it most of the morning, like he was practicing. When I got home I got a few more of them - it was pretty awesome. J said he was great today - he's actually been on quite a run of good moods and acting awesome.

When I got home he and I met our running friends at the lake. The group is getting pretty big and he loves the attention. He got a little upset when I first put him in the stroller today, so I gave him a cookie and he calmed right down. That's right, I'm THAT mother. He was cool the rest of the time, even chatting with us while we were out there.

We got back to the house and shared some dinner. He had some of his normal dinner and a little bit of my chicken. He's starting to get to where he doesn't want HIS food or HIS drink...he wants YOUR food and YOUR drink. I guess it's a fair trade since we like to eat his cookies. He and I laughed a lot and had some fun. Same went for bath time, he and I were cracking up, splashing and having a good old time. We played in his room and a little bit in the living room before bed time. He was in a great mood, laughing, smiling and partying like a wild man. We had a whole lot of fun tonight.

We have a birthday party this weekend and then next week is our planned road trip. He's been pretty impatient in the car lately, so we're a little nervous about it - but oh well. We're just going to take the plunge!

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