Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011

Today was a busy busy day for the kiddo and I . This morning we hit the lake around 10a for a little walk/run and we had a blast. He was chatting and playing with his guitar while I did all of the hard work. It was quite a bit cooler, so that was a nice break from our evening outings. When we got home I had to jump in the shower and then get him cleaned up so we could head to Gymboree. I was a little nervous, because at this point he had been up for four hours with no nap in sight.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about, he was a WILD man in Gymboree today. Today HE was the loud kid, yelling and squealing, cracking everyone up. We had to work on our sharing today, Gage wanted to play with anything that was in someone else's hands. He had a lot of fun on all of the obstacle courses, he even ventured into one of the tunnels, which he usually avoids. As expected, he completely crashed on the way home. Of course as soon as I got home and got him into his room, he was up and ready to party again.

A couple of hours later he and I drove up north to a birthday party for my friend's 2 kids. He slept the whole 45 minute drive, thank goodness - so when we got there he was up and ready to go again. He had a lot of fun at the party, playing with everyone and chatting them up. Funny story: They have really nice grass out in their yard, so we were in the backyard and I put him down to crawl around and play. Well it didn't occur to me that Gage has never really sat on grass before and he was kind of blown away by it. He kept lifting his legs up off of the ground and instead of just crawling forward, he would pat it with his hand. We were all cracking up and I felt a little embarrassed that my baby was so unfamiliar. Truth is, our yard is not bare skin friendly, so he's never really rolled around outside on the ground. Man it was funny.

Tomorrow we need to hit up the grocery store and run a few errands before our big roadtrip on Tuesday.

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