Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

It's been a busy weekend around here. Three of these pics are from this evening and one is from yesterday afternoon. Yesterday there was house cleaning, grocery shopping, playing and then J and I went out to dinner for our anniversary. GiGi came over and hung out with the monkey - even put him to bed. Then today the kiddo and I had a birthday party to attend and we had a lot of fun hanging out over there.

Monkey and I worked together to get the house picked up and the laundry done yesterday. Then the three of us headed out to the grocery store and we had fun there. Gage loves to people watch when we are at the store. He'll get someone in his sights and follow them around with his eyes, wherever they go, until he can't see them anymore. Yesterday afternoon/evening got a little sketchy - that little dude can get pretty ticked off when he doesn't get what he wants. I fed and bathed him so that when GiGi got here he was dressed for bed. She said he played for an hour or so after we left, but was in bed by 8p. He slept pretty good last night - there was a quick 11:15p wake-up, but after that, he slept until 8a.

When he got up this morning he was in a really good mood. He and I had some breakfast and then we played in the living room while we watched Yo Gabba Gabba and Olivia. He took a good morning nap and as soon as he got up we headed to the party. He had a lot of fun at the party, playing with the toys and staring at the ceiling fan. He loves ceiling fans - they totally hypnotize him. He crawled around and talked to a few people - he also tried to "pet" a few people. He was really cool and laid back, but after a couple of hours he was pretty tired. He didn't fall asleep until the last 15 minutes of our drive, and then once we got home, he popped right back up and was ready to play. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get him to nap for the next hour and finally gave up around the time J got home. He and J got to play for a little while and we all hung out in the living room before it was time for G to eat. It's so funny because he was his usual wild man self here at the house - tearing through his toys, laughing and being silly - but he's more mellow when there is a crowd he doesn't know. There were comments about how laid back he was and I was like, "uh, you really gotta see how he acts at home." Ha ha. But he had some ice cream and cake today and he REALLY liked that.

We had a fun time. His sleeping is changing again, but it seems like he's continuing to sleep (mostly) through the night. There's always one little minor wake-up, but I'm getting a pretty solid 6-7 hours most of the time. He's cut out his afternoon nap this week, but he's still going to bed later, which is unusual. I actually like having him up a little later, but the fact that he usually doesn't get a late nap means that he's pretty tempramental in that last hour. He's still loving bathtime and I'm going to stop by one of the rec centers over here to get him in swim lessons this week. I have some swim trunks for him, I just need to get him something to float in and then we can invade some of our friends' pools. He's also been talking a LOT the last few days - still only babble, but it's pretty constant and it's starting to sound more and more like real words. We finally got him into a convertible car seat this weekend and he liked the big boy ride on the way to the party today. He was looking out the window and having a lot of fun - mostly chattering the entire time.

Next weekend we are having lunch with some of my aunts, cousins and their kiddos and then Gage and I have to come up with something awesome for Fathers' Day. I have an idea - but since J reads this (hi babe!) - I can't disclose. Hope everyone has a great week.

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