Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

The kiddo and I had fun today. We had our usual playtime and breakfast session, he took his morning nap and then we headed out the door.

We had a good time at Gymboree today, a couple of his friends moved up from his old class and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Gage was more into socializing than playing today, he spent a lot of time chatting with the other babies. There were a couple of little ones that like to yell when they say hello and it was hilarious to see G crawl up to them with a big smile and then they would yell in his face (a completely friendly greeting on their part) and it would just stop G in his tracks. So funny. They worked it out and got to laughing together, but his confused face was priceless.

After Gymboree, we made our weekly trek to the grocery store and the kiddo hung in much better this week. It was completely uneventful - we had fun, got the groceries and headed on back to the house. He actually took an afternoon nap today as well, which he's been skipping lately. It was nice - it meant a much more pleasant kiddo during dinner and before bedtime. There was more standing up today - he's getting a little less wobbly each time he tries it out. Tomorrow we got a whole lot of nothing planned, which will be nice. I have a night out planned, so J will be handling the kiddo's dinner and bedtime while I'm gone.

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