Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

This is a picture of the kiddo enjoying a little grilled cheese sandwich for dinner last night. I have another cute picture of him in his Marvin the Martian pjs, but it's on J's phone.

Today was a long day. Gage had a pretty good night of sleep - just a little 15 minute party around midnight, but after that he slept until 7:30a - which is actually sleeping in for him. He was only up for a little while before he was ready for a nap and then we headed off to Gymboree. Today he went to a new class, one level up from his other class. It was interesting to see him interacting with the older kids, majority of whom are already walking. To be honest, he was a little overwhelmed. He's used to being the most active and rowdy kid in the class, but these kids were VERY active and ready to party. He sat back more and just took it in. He actually stuck really close to me, coming back for hugs a lot - and that's unusual, usually I can't keep him near me in there.

There was another nap after Gymboree - poor kid was worn out - and then the three of us headed up to Floyd's Barbershop so J and I could get haircuts. Our favorite hairdresser is currently working there, so we got back to back appointments and we took turns hanging out with the Monkey. My haircut took a while since I got it cut shorter and super cute (pics later), so J had to put on a little dance to keep the kiddo occupied. When we got home, it was bathtime and then straight to bed. He was great through everything - people at the barbershop were enjoying him and kept asking me if he was always so laid back. Tomorrow we have a trip to the grocery store planned and then a whole lot of nothing. Will be fun.

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