Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 17 & 18, 2011

The kiddo and I have been pretty busy the last couple of days. I took yesterday off of work and he and I drove out to west Fort Worth to shop and have lunch with some of my cousins, their kids and one of our aunts. Gage had a pretty good time, he liked his cousin Gabriel (2.5 yrs) a lot - they were talking and laughing for a bit. He didn't pay much attention to his newest cousin Harper (3 months), but I got to hold her for a while and that was fun. She's super small compared to my big 'ol linebacker. He hung out in cousin Sharon's and Aunt Libby's laps and was being super sweet with them. He slept pretty hard in the car and by the time we got home he was up and ready to go again. He was still pretty worn out though, so he was fed, bathed and in bed by 7pm (early for him). After that, I passed out for a couple of hours myself - we were both pretty tired. He was also up pretty early yesterday morning.

Today he was up at 6AM. That's early for what he's been doing lately - even he though so, since he woke up pretty crabby. We watched a little Elmo and hung out for a bit and then he went back to bed at 7a and slept until 9:30a - at which point he was in a much better mood. We headed up to the lake and did a little 30 minute walk/run. He started to get a little cranky toward the end of the walk, there was some feet kicking and grunting, but nothing unmanageable. We got home and he stayed pretty cranky - he was just not a happy dude.

I got us cleaned up and we headed to Gymboree. I was a little nervous because of his attitude, but I figured it would at least wear him out a little. He actually did great in Gymboree - he settled in more with the big kids and was talking up a storm with a couple of them. He loves the teacher, Miss Allie and he crawled over and stood up at her legs while she blew bubbles during parachute time. He only came to check in with me a couple of times, so I knew he felt more comfortable.

He and I stopped to get my phone fixed on the way home and we probably spent about 20 minutes hanging out there. He sacked out on the 10 minute ride home from there and I managed to get him to his bed without waking him up. He took an hour long nap and when he woke up - you guessed it - still pissy. Actually he was a little worse - tears, throwing himself backwards, throwing stuff - just CRANKY. We had a big dinner planned with my family and I was a little nervous, but figured he would just pass him around until someone made him happy.

Dinner ended up being a lot of fun. He spent a lot of time in my lap - it's been a "stuck to Mama" kind of evening - but he actually hung out with a lot of people over the course of the hours we were there. He had fun sitting with my PawPaw and Doris, he hung out with my Aunt Terre and Aunt Libby and even talked to his little cousin Harper for a minute. Back to my cute little charmer - smiles, chatter, laughing. He had some sweet potato from my plate and enjoyed the bread as well. He was pretty tired when we left, but he was being really cute in the car, getting tickled and clapping along to the music - turns out he likes the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We would look back and he would be slapping his leg or clapping to the beat and cracking up. When we got home, it was bath and then bed time. I'm hoping that since he went to bed closer to 8p tonight, he may sleep in a little tomorrow - here's hoping.

Tomorrow it's just back to the normal weekend stuff - we'll clean up the house, go grocery shopping, etc.

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