Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

These are a couple of pictures that J texted to me today. The first one is the face we get when the Monkey comes after the phone - it's also pretty similar to the face that comes at me when I'm about to get some slobbery kisses.

According to J, today was a good day. He's starting to let the kiddo venture around more areas of the house and it makes him pretty happy. J said Gage followed him around about 2 feet behind him this morning while he vacuumed the house. He was in a great mood when I got home and since he was running loose, he came crawling around the corner to meet me at the door. News for today: tooth #7 is here! I had a feeling we could expect one shortly - the return of the drool, the tugging on the ears, the slightly cranky disposition - and I was right. It's the tooth to the right of his bottom teeth. I'm sure #8, the matching tooth on the left is not far behind - the gum is swollen and it will show itself pretty quickly.

We all ate our dinner together tonight, which was fun, and then we hung out in the kiddo's room for a while after his bath, which was also good times. He was in a really great mood. He's chattering and talking up a storm and I SWEAR there was a "Da-da" tonight. He crawled out of his room and into the office where J was playing video games and there were a couple of "Da-das" - but we still aren't sure if we are ready to declare it. To be honest, he says a version of "kitty kitty" when he sees Nala - it's kind of a high pitched "gee gee!" - so that could very well be his first official word. Still NOTHING that sounds like "Ma-ma", but that's ok - I know he likes me best. Ha ha.

Friday and Saturday we are having some family time - lunch/shopping with cousins on Friday, dinner with even more family on Saturday - and I'm excited to get out more with the kiddo. We've also planned our first road trip for next month to visit some of J's family down south. We have a stopover in Houston and then we drive to Orange for a few days. We are both anxious to see how Gage behaves in the car for the long drive, how he sleeps somewhere else and how much he can tear up a new environment. Ha ha. It will be fun though, we all need a little vacation. Lot of fun stuff coming up!

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