Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Happy kiddo - you can even see most of his teeth in this picture. Today started early again - 6:30a wakeup, so we watched a little Elmo and then we made breakfast for Daddy. He got pretty grumpy early, so I put him down for a morning nap and he slept for a couple of hours. We did the grocery shopping when he woke up and this was not an easy trip. There was some kicking and screaming about being in the cart today - he's ready to do his own thing and he can get pretty pissed about it when he doesn't get his way. We toughed it out, but it wasn't much better when we got home. He was just cranky and I was starting to think he might be having some tummy trouble, so I gave him a little medicine. I snuck out for a pedicure and J put him down for a nap a little while after I left - he was still asleep when I got home. He woke up in a much better mood - and with a REALLY stinky diaper, ha ha!

We ate dinner before him, so I put some cheese puffs on the coffee table next to where I ate so that he could snack a little while I ate my meal. He likes to stand at the table, but he's never really stood without holding on. Well apparently giving him enough puffs so that he could hold one in each hand was incentive enough for him to stand without support. I looked over and he as standing there with a puff in each hand, wobbling on his own two feet! It was pretty exciting.

Oh, and we officially have 8 teeth - both of the new bottoms are at least halfway in. He's gotten more interested in our food and drinks, I've been getting more brave about letting him try food from the table. It's been easier for us to eat at restaurants that way, I can just order a side that is easy for him and he snacks on crackers and bread until the food comes out. He's doing well with the sippy cup, but he actually likes to drink from our bottles and cups when we'll let him. It's so crazy how big he has gotten even in the last couple of weeks. Growing up every day. Make it stop, please...ha ha.

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