Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

I didn't blog yesterday - and I'll tell you why in a moment - but here are a couple of pics from our afternoon of fun. Sunday afternoons are turning into clingy ones with that little dude up there. He just wants to be in my lap and staring at me, sweet baby. He'll be playing with his toys for a minute and then he'll walk himself (holding on to the table or couch) back over to me and pull himself into my lap. He'll just stare at me and give me big smiles and then after a minute he'll head back to his toys again. He always comes back though. Something about late Sunday afternoons - I don't know if he knows I'm going back to work the next day or what - but he turns into a little spider monkey. Most of the time it's so sweet and endearing, I take advantage and we have a sweet little afternoon of snuggly Mom-and-Gage time, but last night the clinginess turned into a fight at bedtime. He usually does not fight me when it's time to go to sleep, but last night was tough and I was pretty drained by the time he finally went to sleep. He had a restless night too, so I was pretty tired this morning.

Luckily he woke up in a great mood and J said that he had a really great day today. When I got home he was in a great mood and we had fun talking and playing in his room. I was sitting on the floor looking at my phone while he played and he walked over, stood up holding on to my shoulders and gave me a big open-mouthed kiss. *SWOON* I love that kiddo.

This weekend we have a birthday party that I'm looking forward to, some friends we haven't seen much of lately. I think Gage will have fun and he'll have fun hanging out with some kiddos in a relaxed setting.

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