Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

One of the few tricks I have left to get this kiddo's attention when he's playing or when he's getting sleepy and that is: sing "You are My Sunshine". He was playing with his table and I couldn't get him to give me a long enough look to snap a picture. I started to sing and he immediately looks at me and starts to smile. SO cute. He's also starting to give me kisses more often (open mouthed, slobbery kisses) and I have to say that it totally makes my day. We were doing our cuddle/sing thing before I put him in bed and he pushed back from my shoulder and gave me a big smooch on the face. *swoon*

He's been a little tricky this week. He's switched up his sleeping schedule again - back to one long nap and sleeping in a little. He's also sleeping so much better at night, which has been awesome. He's been drooling a LOT and I'm pretty sure I've seen the ghost of a new tooth in there somewhere. We'll see how it comes along over the next few days. It's harder to tell now since they aren't coming in right in the front. Other than that, things are same old, same old here at our house. We had a really busy May and I'm hoping that June will be a little more laid back. We're going to a new class at Gymboree this weekend and I'm excited to see what Gage thinks about kids walking around him.

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