Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

Today was a fun day with the kiddo, although I have to admit I was a little nervous about our plans. After weeks of waking up at 6a and taking his first nap around 8a, today he decided to sleep in until 7:30a and not take his nap until 11:30a. This was totally cool - except we were planning to leave for the baseball game at 12:30p and that pretty much blew those plans out of the water. We still ended up getting to the game right after starting time, so it was all good. We met the Cannon family there and they were sweating profusely when we made our way to the seats. It was HOT. The thing about that ballpark (Dr. Pepper) is that there is NO shade over the seats - so it was pretty warm. I slathered the kiddo in sunscreen before we left and he wore his new hat (as evidenced by the pictures) and both tactics were a success. His face was pretty pink while we were there, but I could tell his face wasn't getting in sun, so it was just from his temperature. Once we got home and he was really cooled down, I confirmed that he didn't burn at all, so I'm glad about that. There were a lot of kids (with equally pink faces) there since it was a family and friends day and I was surprised to see a TON of babies much younger than Gage - several that looked to be brand new. I was so nervous about taking a 10 month old, I don't know if I would have ever been brave enough to venture out there with a newborn. My hat is off to those ladies.

Despite the temperature, Gage did really well out there. He was in awe at first, looking around at all of the people and the new place. He pretty much just hung out in my lap, chewing on my water bottle and watching the game. We had 2 incidents where he got startled and started crying. Frisco scored a great run and I yelled and got excited (as well as everyone else around me) and it scared him and caused the new "quivering lip" cry, which totally breaks my heart. I stood up with him and he immediately calmed down - barely got a real tear out. So I sat back down and less then 2 minutes later, they scored another run and while I stayed quieter, the crowd went a little crazy and this time he got REALLY upset. I walked him up into the shade and it took just a minute, but he calmed back down. He was pretty clingy after that though, he wanted me to hold him and he wanted to be facing me - no more facing out in my lap. It was fine though, we had a lot of fun. After that the cheering and claps didn't bother him much, but he would look for me a lot, even when he was in J's lap. We were all having to keep our eyes open for foul balls - there is not any netting over the seats behind home plate and there were several pop flys that came thisclose to our seats. That was a little nervewracking, but it defintely kept us on our toes.

In those pictures above (from the game), he's eating Mum Mums, which are a complete lifesaver. He can be anywhere and if I hand over some Mum Mums to chew on, he's totally cool. The third picture is from the house after the game. As part of our tickets, we all got hats, so that is Monkey's first real baseball cap. He's wearing it backwards so that you can see his face in the picture - and because he can't get the hat off as easy when it's on backwards.

We've had a great weekend so far. Yesterday at Gymboree, Gage made a new friend that is a big bruiser like him. That little boy crawled up to Gage, grabbed his face and gave him a big kiss. It was so freaking cute. Gage was little nervous as the kid was getting in his face, but he gave him a big smile after the big smooch. I thought it was good for Gage to have a kid come running up on him instead of the other way around. He did go around to each of the kids in the circle and pull their hair at one point in the class. He especially like the girls with bows in their hair. We are moving up to the next level class next week since he's 10 months old now. According to his teacher, there are a couple of walkers in that class, so I'm ready for Gage to see what some bigger kids are doing. I think he'll enjoy it. We all had a grocery store trip yesterday and then he spent some time with GiGi while J and I went out last night. After today's baseball game, he'll be taking it easy tomorrow. I have some plans midday, but he and I will play in the morning before I leave and then we may take a walk when I get home.

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