Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

My blogging has been very sporadic lately. Work has been rough the last couple of weeks, so when I get home it's all about time with the kiddo and then straight to bed. Even this weekend, there were plenty of opportunities for pics, but I ended up not getting a picture of him until he was in his pjs tonight.

We've had a busy weekend. Gage conquered all of the ramps and inclines in Gymboree yesterday. He was awesome, climbing up and down all of them with no problem. He's a strong little dude. Then late yesterday we went over to Grangingy's house so that J could work on their computer. He's been staying up late the last couple of weeks, going to bed closer to 7:30 and even 8p some nights. It's been nice since we are able to go out later and have later dinners with the kiddo. Today we went on our normal grocery trip to Target and then we had an early family birthday dinner up in McKinney. He was awesome for all of it. He's really great when we go out and spend time with people. It helps to get his naps in, which he has been doing like a champ.

He's back to eating all of his ounces during the day now, which has been helping with the late night wakeups - but he's still getting up at least once. I try to give it some time before I go in there, but he's been waking up immediately upset and wailing. I really think that it's more about separation anxiety at this point. One wake up is better than 3-4 though, so it's definitely getting better for now.

He's gotten more vocal lately. Nothing that resembles a purposeful word yet, but he's discovered some really run squeals and squeaks that he likes to show off. I point out things and name them when he shows interest - when he's playing with Nala, I'll say "cat", etc. - and he looks at me like he gets what I'm doing, so that's fun. I'm just excited for a "Mama" or a "Daddy", but the laughing and squealing lately is pretty damn cute.

We've been having a lot of fun lately, hanging out and playing games. He really likes peek-a-boo, and he likes when we play "monster hand", which is where we walk our hand along the table in front of him and then the hand attacks and tickles him. He likes to be hung upside down, swung through the air - he's a daredevil. He likes to be tickled and he likes to roll his soccer ball around with us. He's really sweet and will come over to give me kisses and hugs when we are hanging out in the same room. He's really starting to pay more attention to J too and will go over to see him and watch him leave the room. He's gotten so big, I'm just not sure where the time has gone.

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