Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

See that sleepy face? He took two naps today, but he's sleeping like crap at night and it's obvious he's just not feeling 100%. Between the bad sleeping and the return of his neck rash, I have a feeling we may see some new teeth soon. Gage and I had a talk about him sleeping tonight and I'm hoping he listened and will do away with the little party he's been throwing from 10:30-12:30 the last couple of nights. He really needs some good sleep - and I wouldn't mind it, either. The timing isn't too bad, since I get a consecutive stretch, but it's not good for the baby - we've definitely seen the difference.

He just wanted to be hugged and held tonight, he was SO tired. We sang some quiet songs and read a book after his bath. He still really likes the First 100 Words book. He loves for me to point to the pictures and say the words - he gets so serious about it. He still picks the book up though, he hasn't quite figured out the whole "2-D vs. "3-D" thing.

I have a half day tomorrow, so we are going to spend some time with a friend of mine that is in town. She hasn't met Gage yet, so I'm excited for them to meet each other. We have plans to meet her and a larger group for dinner as well and I'm hoping that maybe he'll take a later nap tomorrow so he'll be up for the early dinner. If not, we'll just roll with it - he should be able to do an hour as long as I have him in the bathtub by 7p.

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