Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

So Gage has been sticking his tongue out a lot lately. It's actually hilarious, when he's playing hard or trying to get somewhere fast, out pops the tongue. Like it will make him go faster or make him stronger. Cracks me up. This particular photo caught him dead set on getting my phone. The tongue did not work this time.

J said they had a great day today, the kiddo played pretty hard today and took a couple of great naps. He was napping when I got home, which gave me enough time to get dinner prepped for the grill. When he woke up, he was happy to see me - we had a good time playing in the living room and singing songs.

Gage's G-Pa will be here tomorrow and he hasn't seen him since December or January, so I'm excited for him to have some fun and see how big he's gotten since then. I think Aunt Rachael will be here on Wednesday and he always has a lot of fun with her. May is going to be a busy month!

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