Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

I posted this picture of me from Muddy Buddy back in 2009 on my other blog today and J updated his profile pic on FB to this funny joker face pic of the kiddo from a couple of weeks ago. When they posted close together on FB, J told me that they looked almost identical. I have to agree and decided to post them side by side...just in case you wanted real confirmation that he is mine. Now there is the whole, I-carried-him-for-9-months-and-then-birthed-him-thing, but it's nice to know that there won't be any confusion in the future.

Monkey was super tired when I got home because he skipped his afternoon nap. Even tired, he was being so funny, just cracking us up. J said there were some two syllable attempts today that sounded pretty close to Daddy. J is convinced that he doesn't want to speak until he can get it exactly right - something he thinks he inherited from me. The reason he says this is because Gage will try a few times to repeat after him, but then he'll just stop and mouth whatever word it is - no sound. Then he'll get quiet again and get a serious look like, "I'm going to practice that by myself later and when I got it, I'll get back to you." Who knows if that's really going through his little brain - but he definitely can be a little sneaky, that one.

We have more out of town guests coming in this week - some friends of mine that live in Maryland and haven't met Gage yet. I'm excited for them to meet the kiddo, I know that he'll charm the pants off of them. I'm really looking forward to our baseball game at the end of the month, I think it will be a fun family outing.

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