Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

That is one tired Monkey you are looking at. He slept pretty well last night. When I got home yesterday he had not had an afternoon nap, so he was actually in bed by 6:45p, which is early based on recent days. He woke up around 10a for another bottle (he missed one since he was asleep so early) and then slept until 6:15a. That was kind of awesome, I'll admit. He woke up in a great mood and we had a fun little laid back morning. He was in bed for a nap by 8a (not a morning person) and slept until 10a.

We were going to go to Gymboree this afternoon but there were some things working against us: the dog needed to be picked up at the groomers at the same time we needed to leave, Monkey was up for 2 hours at that point and really not very energetic, neither of us were really in the mood for Gymboree today. We ended up just heading over to Las Colinas to drop off my maternity clothes with a friend that is currently pregnant. The ride was nice and we had fun singing and talking in the car. When we got home, there was no afternoon in sight again. He just was not having it, so the last couple of hours before bed were a little touchy. This picture was taking about 15 minutes before dinner and we were just watching a little Brainy Baby and chillin'.

Tomorrow we are heading to the grocery store and then I'm meeting my cousin for a movie in the afternoon.

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