Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

This picture is actually from Tuesday, J texted it to me in the afternoon when little man wouldn't nap. He is obsessed with the toybox - if I open it, he'll tear off to get in there. He gets pretty pissed if I close it before he can reach it.

There was a pretty tired Monkey waiting for me when I got home today. I got home a little late too, so we pretty much just started his bedtime routine as soon as I as I walked in. He went right to sleep after dinner and a bath with no fuss. He's been sleeping better lately and I think it's because we've started feeding him more at his solid meals - and we moved out of the purees into chunkier, more substantial meals. He goes to bed with a pretty full belly. Now he's doing maybe one little wake up - but getting through the rest of the night pretty well.

So I've been writing this blog for almost half a year now and there's always a lot of shmoopy words about how amazing my little dude is and all the new things he's doing. I won't deny that he's a pretty easy kid with a happy and sweet personality - we are really lucky and we know it. Now, putting that all out there, I would like to say that over the last week or so (maybe 2 weeks) that little dude has tested our patience quite a bit. To be honest, I think we are all testing each other's patience. He's gotten to where once he's run through his toys, he gets so frustrated and will just whine and cry and until we figure out something else he can do. He wants to go more places and do more - and he usually wants to do the off limit things. He's taken to throwing himself backwards and crying - which I was not expecting at 10 months, btw - and this is not the "real" crying that breaks my heart. This is the totally fake, totally pissed off, fit throwing crying that I am not ready for. Now he comes out of it pretty quickly - we can usually find something to settle him back down, but man - it can get a little frustrating. I'm ready for him to learn some words so that he can at least tell me what it is that he needs. To be honest, the mornings are really ok, it's the late afternoons and early evenings - when he's getting tired and bored - that are tough. Sometimes it's a little bit hilarious...I am not ashamed to admit that I have giggled a little bit at my baby when he gets frustrated and gives me the mad face. Poor kiddo. It's tough to have big ambitions and limited mobility. So there it is. My 10 month old baby has an attitude. I have a lot of mommy friends and I don't remember them telling me about attitude at 10 months. Maybe they told me and I blocked it out - but I thought for sure I had another year before the attitude showed up.

It's all good. I'm tough, I can handle attitude. I remind myself that the fighter attitude he has now will end up being the asset I love about him when he's older, kicking ass and taking names in his life. The constant exploring, moving forward, wanting to know more - it will serve him well down the road. Remind me to write that down somewhere so I can re-read it when I'm about to pull my hair out. That sweet, sweet Monkey - I have a feeling we are in for a wild ride.

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