Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

I posted a little video of my wild man going to town in the exersaucer while watching his favorite show, Brainy Baby. I didn't blog yesterday because although Monkey was being really sweet and cuddly, it was a tough day around here. He just wanted to sit with me for most of the afternoon, we laughed and sang and hung out on the couch.

J said that today was a good day. G woke up early, but he took a really great afternoon nap, so when I got home he was in a good mood. He helped me make my dinner and I fed him his while that was cooking. I put him in the exersaucer while I ate and he had fun, as you can see. Sidenote: Jennifer, if you are reading this, I assure you that if he destroys that thing before I can return it, I will pay you the value or replace it. :) He had a lot of fun in the bathtub and then we hung out in his room for a while before bed.

He's been a little different the last couple of days. He's been really clingy with me, wanting me to hold him or just to be in my lap all the time. He's also been startling at loud noises, which is really new. Yesterday J yawned really loudly and it startled G and even made him cry a little - quivering lip and all. That's pretty unusual and J said something similar happened again today. Nothing new or that he hasn't heard before, just starting to develop some sensitivity to his environment, I guess. This new closeness to me has also brought on a little bit of whining - if I try to put him down to play with his toys, he will plop down on his butt and whiiiiine. Now this isn't all the time, but if he's tired, hungry or if he hasn't been with me for a while, it's definitely worse. I know it's not supposed to be funny, but when he drops his butt on the floor and gives me the pitiful face, I can't help but giggle just a little. He's just a little dramatic. There have been some fun moments though. Yesterday after his nap he just wanted to sit in my lap, so we hung out on the couch and we were making silly sounds at each other, me imitating him, mostly. He would laugh so hard when I would make the sounds back to him, he was cracking up and it was making me laugh so hard that I could barely make the sounds at one point. He's a funny kid.

This weekend is our baseball game outing and I'm hoping that it goes well. He's been so up and down the last few days. I think he'll have fun being outside with all the people though, and it's early enough in the afternoon that I think he'll be good as far as energy levels. Worst case scenario is that we have to leave a little early - it's all good. We're going to have fun!

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