Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

G man and I hung out all day today and we had a lot of fun. He's really enjoying all of his new toys from Christmas, even though he gets mad because some of them are too big to fit in his mouth. Fun or not, if he can't get the toy in his mouth, he gets bored pretty quickly. His favorites are still his Sophie and the Baby Einstein bendy ball - although he's digging this Vtech smart driver toy he got from Santa.
We spent some time on the playmat today, a little time in the exersaucer and watched an episode of Brainy Baby (his favorite show). He got the Baby Einstein DVD set from Mimi for Christmas and I'm thinking we will try one of those tomorrow. Mom and Dad are getting a little tired of the same Brainy Baby episodes over and over. It will be nice for a little change of pace. After a couple of rough sleeping nights, he actually slept really well and after a bottle at 5am, he went back to sleep and didn't get up until 8:30am. It was awesome.
Dinner time was fun tonight. Gage has been getting really good at holding his own bottle, even though he can't really do it for the entire feeding yet. He gets so mad when we try to control the bottle; he just wants to do it himself. While I was at Target tonight I decided to go ahead and get him some rice cereal to try and some spoons and bowls. I mixed a little for him and we gave it a whirl, but he wasn't that interested. To be honest, it was so watery that it seemed like I was just spooning formula into his mouth. Maybe tomorrow we mash a little sweet potato and see if he's any more interested in some puree instead. He's gotten SO into what we are eating and I constantly have to bat him away from my food and my fork. We'll see how it goes.
Some of Gage's favorite things right now:
- sticking his tongue out
- being tickled - chewing on my face (especially my chin)
- diving for objects in my hand (the remote)
- playing in the exersaucer
- putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
- wrestling with us during diaper changes
I know I'm biased, but he's a pretty cute and fun kid. I'm excited about this 365 challenge, I hope it helps me remember all of these awesome moments.

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  1. Try making the cereal thicker,use a feeder until he likes the taste and texture. I love that u r doing this,I can watch him grow as well.Love u Momma aka: Mimi