Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14, 2011

Well hello Mama! How are you today? God I love that face. Thanks to a late appointment, I got to leave work early today and had a couple of extra hours with the Monkey. We played with some toys, watched a little Top Chef and SVU on the DVR and tried cereal again. Still not really working, he just blows raspberries and spits it all down his chin. It's actually kind of hilarious. After bath time tonight we read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and then it was to bed with the kiddo. He took a couple of long naps today, so I was glad that he went down without a fight. He had ANOTHER early morning, so I'm planning on being up before 7a tomorrow. We have a birthday party late in the afternoon, so hopefully I'll get a nap in there somewhere.

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