Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 15th and 16th, 2011

Well it was bound to happen - I was hoping to get at least past 30 days before it did, but whatever - I missed yesterday. So today there are two pictures - the one on the left is from yesterday. We went to a birthday party for a friend's 4 year old and Gage had a great time. This is a picture of him trying to eat his daddy's diet coke bottle. We played in the gym of a rec center, did some dancing, played with some other babies and he was in a great mood the whole time. He passed out plenty of smiles and coos to the ladies - he's such a flirt.
The other picture is from today - we were all hanging out in the bed, watching football and playing with toys. Gage loves to watch him some football, as evidenced by this picture. Only a great football play could take his attention away from his car.
Today was rough, he woke up early (again) and spent most of the day off schedule. A couple of pretty serious screaming fits took place, but he took a longer nap midday and that helped a little bit. Uncle Brad and Soon to Be Aunt Emily came over and had fun playing with him. Of course, he completely covered them in drool, but they didn't seem to mind. The second tooth is still coming in, broken the skin, but not all the way through - which probably has a little to do with his mood.
Other than the tooth, we were joking around all day about how much bigger he looks than even yesterday - like he grew 3 inches overnight. I mean, even his face looked different to me. I guess that is how it goes, each day he'll just keep changing.

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