Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

Tonight we took a few pictures together. J and I disagreed on which one was the best one, so I put both of our favorites up. Another fun night with the Monkey - bottle, playtime, bath, book and bed. When I put him to bed, he pulls his covers up and rolls over on his side. Well with his new rolling trick, sometimes he rolls all the way over onto his tummy and then he gets upset. So I go in there, roll him back over and get him settled. Just took 2 times tonight.
J was telling me about some of the funny stuff he's been doing lately. His personality is showing up in such a big way. He's starting the "I threw my toy on the ground, can you pick it up?" game, which is pretty funny. According to J, he plays in his exersaucer while his favorite show is on TV (Brainy Baby) and when his favorite parts come on, he'll turn around in the exersaucer to make sure he doesn't miss them. He's also figured out that the hanging toys on the exersaucer will swing toward him if he bounces enough. So he'll jump up and down to make the whole thing bounce and then the hanging toy swings so that he can grab it and put it in his mouth - which is always the goal. Yep, he's a funny little dude.


  1. SQUEEEE! hes so CUTE! good pics!

  2. yes, we call it being the "pancake parents". go in, flip. go in, flip.