Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011

I have two pictures for you today. One of them is of Gage with one of his favorite toys, the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball. I have to keep an eye on him because sometimes he'll get spastic and whack himself in the head with it. His very first mark was a result of him trying to knock himself out with that thing. The second one is of him in his new kickass guitar pjs. I bought these a month or so ago and he's finally big enough for them. To be honest, he probably could have worn them sooner, but for some reason I thought they were 9 months and it turns out they are 6 months - so we put them on tonight. They're thermal and super cute. Pardon the face, he was right on the edge of happy and pissed. That's the "it could go either way" face.
We had some fun today, laughing and being silly. He was a little more snuggly today than usual, which was nice - but he was also a little more whiny. Poor kid, I'm pretty sure we are going to see that tooth any day now and I think it's bugging him. He got a little dose of Tylenol later in the afternoon and that seemed to help a little. He woke up early today too, which threw him off schedule a little and he spent the whole day a little behind on his sleep. So, cute baby, lots of laughs and snuggles, but a little cranky and tired. I didn't even get a shower until like 5pm. Oh well. I do regret not getting going earlier in the day and getting out of the house with him for a bit. With the weather expected tonight and tomorrow, I doubt we are going anywhere.
I'm going to look into some Mommy and Me activities he and I can do on Saturdays. It's tough because so many of the baby activities/groups are during the week for SAHMs. I did find Gymboree and I'm going to check on Kindermusik - it would be nice if we could get out for something each week. My baby needs some friends, I think he's getting bored with me and J. He's 6 months in a couple of weeks, so at some point soon we are going to look into swim classes. We want him in the water as early as possible.
Well the kiddo is asleep and it's been a long day. Until tomorrow.

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