Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011

Today was a "hanging around the house" kind of a day. Monkey woke up at 7:30a and after we both had breakfast I started working on cleaning the house. He hung out in his exersaucer, played in his room and helped me a little, but we got it all done. He decided that cleaning the house was so exciting that he was going to skip his morning nap, so he basically partied from 7:30a to 11:30a and then took a 30 minute nap. When he woke up, he had a little lunch and the we all took a little road trip to Starbucks. We all spent the rest of the day just lounging around the house, watching some TV, playing in Monkey's room, we all took a long nap later in the day, then more playing in Monkey's room, dinner, bath and bed. A nice, relaxing Sunday with the fam.

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