Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

This picture is blurry because I spent 15 minutes chasing this kid around to get a picture and this was the BEST one I could get. He was a wild man this afternoon, laughing and talking to all of his toys - I could not keep up. It was a lot of fun, he was in such a great mood. I was disappointed not to get a picture of some of the silliness, he was just too evasive. At one point I turned him to face me and he would just go get another toy that meant he had to turn away from me again.

Today was fun! We met my friend Sarah and her 10 week old son, Zane, at Starbucks for a little mommy/baby time. It was nice to relax and chat. Zane was asleep for some of it and Gage was just chilling in my lap eating his snack puffs. Zane woke up after a bit and Gage got a good look at him. They seemed to hit it off, Zane was looking at Gage and cooing at him at one point - it was SO cute. Gage did really well, we hung out for about an hour and he got a little wiggly once I ran out of snacks, but he was still really laid back. He was (of course) charming all of the ladies in Starbucks - my little flirt. After that we went home for a bit and even though he was tired, he wasn't ready to nap. J and I packed him up to head out for groceries and he fell asleep in the car and slept through almost all of the shopping trip. Once we got home he was ready to par-tay! He played in the exersaucer for a while and then I put him in his room to crawl around on the floor for a long time while J and I made dinner. He had a good dinner, a fun bath and then his tiring day was over - off to bed.

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