Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

This is his leap frog table that has been sitting flat on the floor since he got it for Christmas. It's his favorite toy, he's always playing with it and climbing all over it. Now that he's pulling up so much J decided to put the legs on it for him. I wasn't sure if he was ready for THAT much standing, but it turns out that the kid was ready to go. When I got home we went to his room to play for a while and the split second that I turned around, he was up and going crazy on the table. He stood there and walked around it for like 5 minutes. I just couldn't believe that he was able to stand and play at the table for so long. He was having such a great time. He would start to eye his crib - like he wanted to take a step or two over to the crib to stand up there. I know we are a while from walking, but it is so crazy to see him standing up so much and getting more mobile.

J said they had a good day today, even though the kiddo only took a 30 minute nap. He slept in until 9a or so, though, so it was all good. He was still in a great mood when I got home and he helped me make dinner while enjoying his banana-flavored Mum Mums. We played in his room while I ate my dinner and then we got him fed and bathed. He was pretty sleepy by then, so he was in bed before 7p tonight.

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