Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

See that face? The kid is officially over getting his picture taken. He will completely turn around and ignore me when the phone/camera is out. This face says, "Moooom. Seriously. Stop it."

According to J, there was a LOT of playing today. He's back to getting up early in the mornings, but that means he takes his long nap pretty early too. I got a few pictures today from J of him playing at his Leap Frog table. His new favorite activity is standing up on anything that he can get his hands on. Us, tables, garbage cans, the table, the crib...if it's stationary, he will pull himself up on it. He was pretty mellow when I got home, I got some giggles but it was obvious that he was pretty tired. He had his dinner and then we had fun in the bathtub for a little while. Once I got his pjs on it was bed time. He hung out and babbled to himself for about 30 minutes, but he's officially asleep.

Even though I know it's hard for J when he gets up early, I love our early morning snuggle sessions before I go to work. I usually feed him his first bottle and we cuddle in the glider in his room before I finish getting ready. He's super cute and lovey dovey in the mornings - lots of smiles and talking. It's my favorite party of the day. He's getting bigger every day and I know that the cuddles won't last forever, so I'm getting all that can while he lets me.

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