Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

Ok, I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted to show all of you Monkey's new smile. It's hilarious. He scrunches up his eyes and lays this huge grin on us. So freakin' cute.

I know I haven't posted in a few days, but we've been busy, followed by exhausted every one of the last few days.

On Monday, MiMi came over and spent the day with little man while J worked. They had a great day together with a LOT of playing and showing MiMi all of his toys. Grangingy and Uncle James came over that same day, so he had a lot of attention and fun on Monday.

When I got home, he was really tired and I could tell he wasn't totally himself. On Tuesday, J mentioned to me that he was being a little weird too and his temp was around 99, so we just figured it was teething. We've been waiting on those 2 top teeth for a while, so we figured they were finally making their way through. Tuesday night he was really tired again and still being weird.

Flash forward to Wednesday morning when he woke up at 5a (normal) and when I went to get him, he was burning up. His temp was 102, so I dosed him up, stripped his pjs off, fed him a bottle and talked to the 24 hour nurse while we watched a little Brainy Baby. Got the normal speel - keep an eye on it, if it goes for 24 hours, bring him in, no heavy clothes, dose him up as needed. He went back to sleep for a while, but woke up again before I left. I woke J up, gave him the run down and headed to work. They did fine during the day, temp never got back to normal, but stayed around 100. J left for a job when I got home and when I got the Monkey up from his nap, he was burning up again - this time 103. I called and made the appt and at 8p, we were being seen by the doctor. Just an upper respiratory virus, nothing we can do, of course - but he gave us some guidelines on when to bring him back and how to dose him up by staggering the ibuprofen and tylenol. He was SO hot, little monkey. We came home and put him to bed and he slept a few hours. When he woke up again, his temp was back to normal. It was up a little this morning, but it's back to normal now. He also seemed to be more himself today, J said things were more back to normal.

While we were at the doctor, we noticed his top right tooth is in and it looks like the left one is right behind it. I think I saw it already cut through tonight. So - no more lonely vampire teeth, now he has a full front grill. 5 - going on 6 - teeth!

I'm going to do another post behind this one with a few of the pictures we've taken in the last few days.

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