Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011

Here is my baby giving me the side-eye. And yes, that is my foot next to his head. These days the best time to change his diaper is at the same time he needs a bottle. It's the only way that he will lay still for us. I've discovered this week that the other option is to give him the (closed) tube of diaper cream. Don't know why, but that keeps him busy and quiet for a diaper and/or clothes change as well. Wiggly kiddo.

Last night was rough, kid was up every 2 hours or so, which he hasn't done in a while. When he woke up for the day at 7a, I was still pretty wiped out, so he watched his shows in the exersaucer while I dozed on the couch for a little while. We did play a little and have some breakfast before he laid down for his first nap at 9a and I slept while he did, until about 10:30a. We played and hung out for while until it was time to go to Gymboree.

Gymboree was fun today. There was only one other baby there today and it was another little boy. He and Gage hit it off and had a good time together. The other baby was a couple of months younger and he was watching everything that Gage did. After that, he and I went grocery shopping and by the time we got home he was pretty sleepy, but not ready for nap (of course). He ended up helping me clean up the house for a little while and going down for a power nap around 5pm. After he woke up, he hung out with J and I in our bed, watching Kitchen Nightmares and chewing on the remote. He had his dinner, a bath and then we put on his new big boy pjs before bed. No more buttons and zippers, he's got a few new mix and match sets with shorts, pants and shirts. So cute. I wanted to get a pic, but he was so tired that I just put him straight to bed. I'm hoping he sleeps better tonight. Tomorrow we have lunch plans with my cousin and if the weather is better, we may go to the park.

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