Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

Naked baby! This is a strange sight since the binky is usually only a "falling asleep" thing. Every now and then though, he'll want to keep it for a while after he wakes up. J texted this picture to me yesterday while I was at work. I love getting those pics during the day.

Today was a good day, according to J. He took his naps and was in a great mood when I got home. Lots of the same, playing and hanging out. When I got home, he was in his excersaucer, watching his TV show. I went to say hi to J and and then headed to get the kiddo. As soon as I turned the corner I could see that there was poop all over the bottom tray of the exersaucer and it was smeared around from him standing and moving his feet in it. Awesome. We had to put him in the bathtub immediately to get him cleaned up from that poop explosion. He thought all of the excitement was pretty fun. We got some new clothes on him and we all packed up and headed out to dinner. We went to Chipotle and Gage had fun looking around at all of the decor and talking to the people in line. He chomped on his snacks while J and I had dinner. He was so good, happy and sweet - laughing and talking with us. We all had a pretty good time. I was a little nervous about timing, but he did great and wasn't even that tired. I think he had a little power nap around 5p, so that probably helped. After we got home, he had dinner, a bath and was in bed before 7:30p.

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