Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

For those that don't know our cat Gizmo, this picture is actually kind of amazing. We have two cats and Gizmo is the "antisocial" one. She barely lets ME pet her (J is her favorite person) and the fact that she laid there and let G touch her foot is a pretty big deal. J said that he and little man were hanging out in his room and Gizmo came and laid on the playmat. Of course Gage is super interested in the animals right now, so he went straight for her. She let him pet her foot and grab her tail and then she decided to bolt. Progress!
There was another funny story J told me today about wrestling. J and I were big WWE fans when we first started dating, back in the day of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well apparently The Rock is back in WWE for some appearances and J was watching the video from his return on the computer with the kiddo in his lap. Again for those that don't know, The Rock is HILARIOUS when he gets on the microphone - he's really good at "the pitch". According to J, as soon as he started talking on the video, G started cracking up and cackling. I mean, REALLY laughing his head off. When he was telling me the story we both started laughing. So, looks like we have a WWE fan on our hands.
J said they had a lot of fun today. He took a long nap in the middle of the day and then another cat nap before I got home. We all ran some errands and had dinner out as a family when I got home. He did great at the restaurant, especially since we kept giving him saltines to chew on. Bath when we got home and then he fell asleep eating his bottle. Good day.

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