Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

I know I missed yesterday - I was completely exhausted and the kiddo went to sleep early. Look at that cute little face today though! Someone was being super sweet and cute today. When I got home, we took a walk around the neighborhood, which he loved, then dinner, bath and a book. Bedtime stories are starting to be a lot more fun. He still wants to eat the book, but he usually lets me read the pages first and he follows along with my finger as I point out the pictures and words. He seems to be enjoying it a lot more. He was really snuggly and sweet tonight, lots of kisses, hugs and smiles.
So over the week he has become pretty much completely mobile. You put him down somewhere and he will NOT be there when you turn around. He's been crawling down the hall, through all of the rooms, etc. - completely supervised, of course. This weekend we need to lower his crib and set up some of this baby-proofing stuff that we have put aside. I'm going to check out gates at Target - something that will keep him in his room for short periods (like a big play pen).
I think tooth #3 might actually be his right canine - and I can feel where the matching tooth on the left is coming (gum is really swollen), which means I'm going to have a little vampire baby on my hands. So funny. Now that the one tooth has broken through, he's been so much more content - hopefully the one that's coming won't take long to break the surface. Happy Friday everyone!

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