Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011

It's official, tooth #3 is poking through! It's not one of the two top front teeth (like I was expecting), it's one of the teeth right next to those. I'm pretty sure the matching tooth on the other side is coming right behind it, he's now pulling on THAT ear and sticking our hands in his mouth on that side. It's just the very edge right now, so it's still making its way out, but he seemed to be doing a little better than he has been the last week. He has pushed his own bedtime back about an hour and a half. Tonight I decided that instead of fighting him for an hour, I just let him stay up with me for a while and when it looked like he was slowing down a bit, I put him to bed. He rolled over, pulled the blanket up and talked himself to sleep - just like the good old days. Of course while he was up with me he had a poop-splosion that ended up with a complete change of pjs. I think he saved that up just for me.
He was babbling and talking so much this evening, it was cracking me up. He is also blowing raspberries like crazy lately - so funny. At one point J was teasing him while he was sitting with me on the couch and he was laughing so hard that we all started laughing and that just cracked him up more. I guess if he wants to stay up a little longer, we will just roll with that. He was in such a better mood and it was so much easier than the fight I've had the last couple of nights.
We are going to have to lower the crib this week. He is thisclose to pulling himself up in there and Mom's too nervous to leave it where it is. Wiggly little monster.

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