Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011

In keeping with tradition, I've posted two pictures since I didn't post yesterday. The one where he is trying to eat the toy is from this morning, while he was still in his PJs. The second one is after his morning nap. Yesterday and today were good days. He's starting to fight his naps and bedtime again and we've had a few fits the last couple of days. I really think his gums are hurting, he has kept his hands in his mouth almost 24/7. I can't feel or see any new teeth, so I fear we may be in for quite a bit of fussiness until those new teeth decide to come along. We all went the to the grocery store today and he likes sitting up in the cart and checking the place out. I've enjoyed all of my extra time with the kiddo this week, I'm kind of sad to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully he'll readjust to the "daddy" schedule easily and not give J too much trouble. Next weekend we have a photo shoot for the monkey (Saturday) and then my cousin's baby shower (Sunday). Will be fun to get out and about a little bit with the monkey - more than just the grocery store, anyway.

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