Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! G got a little guitar for Valentine's Day that plays shredded versions of nursery songs - it's kind of awesome. He especially liked that it was the perfect size to chew on.
According to J, little man had a pretty good day until about 5pm. He didn't want to take an afternoon nap, so he was pretty tired early in the afternoon. When he finally took a nap, he still woke up cranky. He was better when I got home and we had some fun. He has been trying a new food flavor - garden vegetables - and he really likes it. You know what he doesn't like? Apples. WTH? What kid doesn't like apples/applesauce? So crazy, that little dude. Anyway, we had dinner, a bath and then we played in his room for a little while before bed. Nala (one of our cats) has been letting G pet her a little bit lately and it makes him SO happy. He gets so excited when he sees her walk over and he immediately lunges for her. I've been controlling him a bit, showing him how to pet her gently and not pull or grab. He really wants to catch that twitching tail, though. It completely fascinates him. Nala likes the attention and the petting, but I'm still keeping a little distance because little man can get pretty grabby. Hope you are all spending time with the ones you love today.

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  1. Tara, your brother didn't like apples at first.Glad Nala's giving in. I'm all by myself as usual. Happy Valentines Day ! Love ya, Mimi