Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Today was a little better than yesterday. I was off work for the holiday - thank you bank! - so it was another day with the Monkey. This morning started a little rough. He woke up ready to roll at 6:30a, which wasn't too bad, but he started getting pretty whiny around 8:30a. He was totally against a nap, so we just stuck it out until his second bottle around 9:30a, which knocked him out. He took a 2.5 hour nap and it was awesome. I took a shower and an hour long nap - double awesome. We had plans with friends today, so once he woke up I got him dressed and fed. He was still being a little whiny and I was saying some prayers that he would cooperate. We got to the park and he had a GREAT time. Just being in a new setting seemed to shake things up enough to keep him happy. He played with some toys at the picnic tables, we tried the swings and we hit the slides. He had so much fun. These pictures are from the swings and I have to give credit to my friend Jennifer Lee - she is a much better photographer (and has a better camera than my iPhone) - and she was sweet enough to take a few pics for me and upload them tonight. I was a little nervous about the swings, but he LOVED them. Big smiles and laughs - he's my little daredevil. He didn't really notice the slides much, the reaction was "meh". Not wild enough for him, I guess.
He took a great nap on the way home - Mom even got to stop for some Sbux - and slept a little while longer once we got to the house. The rest of the afternoon was touch and go - we played, watched a little TV and took another walk around the neighborhood. He went back and forth from totally content to clearly frustrated that I wasn't meeting some need that he couldn't voice. He's so wiggly and rowdy right now, I can barely hold him in my arms - he just wants to go, go, go. The new thing I do is just put him on all fours on the floor and throw a bunch of toys in all directions. That keeps him busy for a little while, but eventually he remembers that he wants to be attached to me and whines for me to pick him up. But he still wants the toys, so more whining - man, being a baby is tough. The smiles and kisses make up for it, but I'll be happy when he can tell me what's up.
He fought bedtime again - I mean, screaming like it's his job. He was so tired, but every time I would lay him down - screaming. I finally brought him back into the dark living room and rocked him to sleep on my shoulder. That is something he hasn't done in months! But he fell sleep and when I laid him back down, he stayed that way. I hope he doesn't give J too hard a time tomorrow.

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