Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

I'm bummed I missed yesterday, since G was 7 months old! It was a tough day though, that came after a tough night and was then followed by another tough night. Let me tell you something about those canine teeth - appreciate them. It is hard work to get those things in and it causes a lot of pain. Poor little man, it's tough to be a baby. We had a party from 2-4a Sunday morning and then he threw another party at 4a THIS morning. I finally had to break down and ask Jason to help me so I could get some sleep before work. He took a long nap today and since both teeth have now broken the surface, I'm PRAYING for a little sleep tonight. We'll see how it goes. We did have some fun yesterday though, we cleaned the house and then Uncle Brad and Emily came to visit. He was in a pretty good mood most of the time, it seems like that the teething really gets bad around bedtime and is worse during the night.
He was in a pretty good mood when I got home, just sleepy. I got home late, so J fed him his dinner and I got here in time for his bath. We talked, crawled around (chased Nala - see pictures above) and got in some good snuggles before he went to sleep. He's been really snuggly at bedtime - but I think it's a ploy to make me hold him a little longer. It works. As soon as those new teeth really pull out, I'll post a picture of my vampire baby.

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