Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011

Toys are for chewing on, and that is all. This particular toy vibrates and sings when you squeeze it, so he thinks it's hilarious and loves to chew on the face or ears while it's on. According to J, he had a pretty good day - but he got a little fussy toward the end of the day. When I walked in the door I could hear him yelling in the back room with J. They met me in the hallway and he gave me some big smiles and immediately lunged at me with a big open mouth kiss. We had a little dinner, took a fun bath (complete with big splashes, his new thing) and then we read his Caterpillar book. He was pretty sleepy, so he went to bed pretty quickly, but we managed to get in some snuggles and silliness before he went to sleep.

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