Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

There's an action shot today - Gage was ready to party after his bath and he couldn't be bothered to look at the camera. Slept through the night again, awesome! J said he was in a great mood today and I could tell when I got home, because he was still super smiley. I walked in and he started smiling and giggling at me. He and J did a lot of cleaning today and J said he was a big help cleaning out our closet. His new favorite thing? The remote. We have an extra Uverse remote, so we've just started giving it to him to chew on. When he sees it, he is all about it, there is no getting his attention.
Gage had some dinner, then a bath, some playtime, a bottle and then down for bed. I put him down awake again and there was little to no fussing before he went to sleep. I am off work tomorrow, but I'm actually taking the morning totally off, so J will still be hanging out with the kiddo while I get a little extra sleep and then I'm meeting a friend for lunch. I think once I get home though, little man and I will be heading up to the lake for a little walk/run with the stroller.
On the way home today I had the biggest scare. I turn onto our street from Buckner, and both streets are really busy in the evenings. As I was in the turn lane, I noticed that a little girl (probably just under 2) was running down the alley that runs parallel to Buckner and only about 2 feet away from the road. About 20 yards behind her was a woman that looked like her grandma and she could NOT keep up - she was moving so slowly. The little girl kept looking back, I know she thought they were playing a game. So I'm sitting behind a couple of cars in the turn lane and she's getting closer and closer to my street and she's only a few feet from Buckner. When I finally got to turn, I just pull right up on that corner, blocking the end of the alley. I hopped out of the car and the little girl looked back at her grandma, who started gesturing toward me and telling the little girl to go toward me. I walk toward her briskly, but not too quickly - I was afraid she would run away - and within a couple of steps I was able to scoop her up. She wasn't upset, but I could tell I surprised her when I pulled the car up on the sidewalk. I walked her back to her grandma, who kept thanking me and she was able to carry her. I asked if she needed my help getting them back to their house, but she said she could get back carrying her. I think they were only a couple of houses down from their house. Oh my gosh, it scared the crap out of me, but I was so glad that I was able to get to her before she got to the street. I couldn't believe I was the first to stop - there were like 5 cars that turned past her before me. Little excitement on the way home today.

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