Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011 - 8 months old!

Guess who's 8 months old today? That cute little dude on the left, that's who. Sorry about missing posts the last couple of days, they have been long days. We didn't get to Gymboree this weekend. Monkey slept in yesterday (not complaining) and his nap ended up being a little later than usual and he slept right through the class time, so I called and rescheduled for next weekend. We did have fun this weekend though: lots of playing on the floor, lots of standing up, talking, helping me around the house, etc.

As I said, he slept in yesterday and when he woke up, he was ready to rock and roll. He's been taking just one long nap midday most of this week, but yesterday he ended up taking a little power nap around 5p as well. He went to bed a little late because of that, but he was back up at 7a this morning, ready to party. Today he took a 2 hour nap midday and I did too - it was awesome! Even with the long nap he still needed another power nap today - he went to bed a little after 7p and he's still in there babbling to himself.

Lately every time we go in there to get him out of bed, he's standing up and stuck. He's gotten really good at pulling up, but once he gets there he can't quite figure out how to get back down. He really likes to pull up and stand at the gate now, watch us from his room. He will also stand up on us if we are sitting or laying on the floor with him. He loves to stand, but then he gets a little confused about where he goes from there. His crawling has gotten a lot better, he's progressed from the army crawl to a full on fast crawl. He never sits still now, he's always wiggling and moving, working toward his own agenda.

He's babbling SO much. He definitely has the "ba", "gee", "da" and "ay" sounds down, but he hasn't put anything purposeful together yet. This morning we were in the kitchen and I kept saying "ma-ma" to him and he would laugh really loud and say "ba" back. There were a couple of times when I turned my back that he said something like "mama", and I would turn and talk back to him, but it wasn't quite it. It was kind of exciting though, pretty close! I'll just have to keep coaching him. Jason gets more time during the week to work on "dada" with him, so I have to use every chance I get.

He's learned so much in just the last 8 months, it's just amazing. Especially lately, he's just learning so much every day. I come home and there's always someting new for him to show me. He is so snuggly and lovey dovey with me, it always makes my day. Even when he's playing and I'm just nearby, he'll take breaks to crawl over and give me hugs and kisses and then head back to his toys. Last night I wasn't here when he finally went to bed and I found myself hoping he would wake up in the middle of the night just so I could love on him. My little Monkey.

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