Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

This picture is actually from Sunday - I didn't get any new ones today so I posted this one to show you Gage's "Squiggy" impersonation. Pretty cute.
I was trying to hard today to get a picture of those vampire fangs, but he just lunges for the phone/camera whenever I try to take pictures now. Tomorrow I think I will get J to take the picture while I get him to laugh.
He made a total mess at dinner tonight. One of the foods he had was a macaroni & cheese w/veggies puree and let me tell you something - that orange puree stains. His face was orange, his clothes were orange, his hands were orange. Did I mention that he's a ridiculously messy eater? Two reasons: 1) Lately he's been putting his hand to his mouth as I spoon the food in - I think he either wants the spoon or he wants to feel the food. So...the food gets all over his hands and then....2) He is usually pretty tired and he'll start rubbing his face/eyes. See where this is going? There is food EVERYWHERE by the time we are done. I figure being messy with your food is one of the things that kids get to enjoy, so who cares? He takes a bath after dinner anyway, so I just let him wipe the food all over everything he can. He thinks it's fun.
Rest of the night was pretty normal - dinner, bath, bed. We had some tickle sessions with Daddy before bed and he thought that was a lot of fun. I'm excited about the weekend and our Gymboree class. I'm excited to get him around some other kiddos.

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