Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

When I got home today it was pretty quiet and I didn't see J or Monkey anywhere. When I went down the hall and peeked in the office I saw G was passed out on the floor and J was laying next to him. He had just fallen asleep eating his last bottle of the day. It seems like he's dropping his afternoon nap - he'll take a long late morning/midday nap and then be up from like noon to 6p. It's not a big deal, but he just gets so sleepy in the evenings. He woke up about 15 minutes later and I brought him in the kitchen to help me make dinner. It was a struggle, he wanted me to hold him - but I managed to entertain him enough that he hung out in the walker while I cooked. After dinner was ready it was time for him to eat. He's starting to develop some tastes and it's getting harder to get him to eat his vegetables. He'll make faces and spit it out - but once I get to the fruit it's all good. He's like "ew, peas...ew, veggies...yum, pears and pineapples" After dinner he had his bath and that was quick, since I had dinner on the stove. We still haven't moved to the big bathtub, but I won't be able to avoid it much longer. I got his pjs on and he played in his room while I turned dinner off in the kitchen. When I got back to his room, he was reading his animal book, which he likes because they added furry pieces to the different pictures, so he likes to feel the textures too. Lots of snuggles and kisses later and little Monkey was in bed. I signed him up for a free Gymboree class this weekend and I'm excited for us to try it out. I think he'll have a lot of fun.

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