Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

Got the gate up! Now little man has a big old playpen to party in. He didn't notice it for a long time and then when I was getting his bath ready he crawled over to it to talk to me - that's the second picture. He got pretty close to figuring how to pull himself up on the gate, which would have been a big first.
We had a good day today. After going to bed really early and without a bath last night, G woke up around 10:30p and hung out with me for about an hour before going back to bed. I was able to get some pjs on him, which I'm glad for, because it got pretty cold early this morning. We had some fun today - party in the exersaucer, made some breakfast, sang some songs - all good. The three of us had a fun little love session this morning back in our bed, watcing TV and trading some kisses and laughs. Mimi and her friend came by today and they had fun playing with him in his room. He crawled around and showed them all of his toys and Mimi even let him chew on her phone. He loved that, because Mom and Dad never let him chew on their phones. He was so excited to finally get the chance. He took a couple of naps today, but they were more like power naps, so he was pretty sleepy around bed time.
I think tomorrow we are going to venture out to the park again, hit those swings. He and I will definitely need to take a trip to the grocery store too, so it will be a nice date day with my little man.

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