Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pull up attempt

We were hanging out in little man's room and it looked like he might pull up on the toy box again, so I turned on the camera. Sorry for the bad shakiness, he's tough to follow around these days. I acutally tried to take a picture of him tonight and he would NOT sit still. I'd sit him up and he'd either lunge for the phone (camera) or take off somewhere else. He's a man on the move. He never did get all the way up tonight - but I don't think footed pjs were helping him much. Today was a good day - J said they a lot of fun this afternoon, lots of playing all over the house. J said they were hanging out in the office and he turned away for a minute and when he turned back little dude was GONE. He crawls away so fast - even tonight I was trying to clean up his room a little while he played and when he caught sight of the dog walking down the hall, he was out of there. I had to chase him down the hallway.
We chatted and had fun tonight before bath time. He's been taking his bath in the blow up duck tub for months now and I've noticed that he's getting a little big for it. I was waiting it out though, putting off moving to the big tub until I absolutely had to. Well tonight for the first time he was trying to get out of the duck tub and really wanting to look around at the stuff in the big tub - so I think this weekend we'll try a bath in the big tub. I need to look around for some bath toys he can play with. He has a rubber duckie, but I'm thinking we should get some BOATS! Tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. OMG, Tara you are just soooooo blessed! He is just the best thing ever. I give him a week and he'll be in that toybox.