Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

Today was a busy day. Monkey just went to bed and if there weren't fights tonight, I would be right behind him. He woke up around 6:15a this morning so after a little Yo Gabba I put on some running clothes and we headed to the lake. I took G up there still in his pjs, I figured he would be comfy and his feet would be covered. I checked outside and it was pretty warm, so I skipped a hat. Of course we get to the lake and not only does it feel quite a bit cooler, but it's super windy. Major Mom Fail. Luckily the hood of the stroller comes down a lot and it did a good job of keeping the wind off of him. I did wrap a blanket around him, so it was pretty cushy. The run itself was a little bumpy - I'll go into more details on my other blog - but overall we did pretty well. When we got home I thought he might be tired enough to go straight to bed for his morning nap (he'd already been up for 2 hours at this point), but that was NOT the case. He had a little breakfast first and after a bit it was time for his second bottle, which put him right to sleep - and he slept for 2 hours! Awesome. We had cinammon toast, Starbucks and picked up J's sister while he was in bed. When he woke up, Aunt Rachael and I took G to the taco place for a little lunch. He had a lot of fun there, as you can see from the picture. Rachael held him and let him chew on her coke bottle while I ate and then we switched. He was fascinated with what was going on in the kitchen, so I could not get him to look at the camera. Back to the house and more fun - he played on the floor a lot, hung out in his exersaucer and spent some time with his Aunt Rachael, who he really likes. He has been super snuggly again today, lots of hugs, snuggling on the couch and laying on me - I hope this is a phase that sticks around for a while, because I really love it. Today he showed us all his new screaming technique. Not distress screaming, just a sustained "aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!". It's kind of hilarious. Besides the actual sounds, the face he makes is hilarious. We were all just cracking up at him. We tried to get a video, but it was already winding down, so we didn't get a good one. I'm going to try again if he does it tomorrow. Rachael's friend is also hanging out with us and Gage really liked him too - he kept trying to touch his face and grab his mouth. So funny. He never took an afternoon nap, so he was pretty tired and walking the line for the last 2 hours of the day. He went to bed a little early, so I'm sure that he'll be up even earlier in the morning. I may just sleep on his floor while he plays with his toys if that's the case.

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